Aya Spencer


Associate @AmericanExpress
Ventures Fellow @BLCKVC

I love all things data! I also cook like crazy.

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Tableau Resume

I build my resume in Tableau. Click the above link to check it out.

Seaborn & Matplotlib

Examples of some of the vizualizations I’ve created in Python.

Published Articles

Published Articles

I write about Data Science, Venture Capital, and Diversity & Inclusion. I also write about psychology and productivity. Click the link above to check it out!

Venture Capital

I created two presentations to discuss the benefits of using machine learning to streamline the process of sourcing in the venture capital space. Below are snapshot of some slides from my presentation. Click the link above for a copy of the full presentation.


Data Cleaning and Wrangling

Exploratory Analysis

Word Cloud


Recursive Feature Elimination.png

Classification Report

Model Bias

Web Scraping

Sentiment Analysis


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